Fireplace surrounds in wood, marble and stone

We offer a wide range of fireplace surrounds in wood, marble, stone and cast iron. On most of our fireplaces we offer a full tailor-made service allowing the customer to choose the size, colour, material and design.

Period Fireplaces

We stock a range of Victorian tiled fireplaces and cast iron inserts which can be used for wood, coal and also with gas fires. The customer can have this kind of fireplace even if they do not have a chimney.

THE HAYCROFT (made by Farmington Fireplaces)
THE GEORGIAN (made by Stovax)
THE EDWARDIAN CARVED CORBEL (made by Acquisitions)

Wide range of fireplace accessories include

Cast iron fire grates and baskets, spark guards and companion sets, bellows, fenders and after care products and many more.

Marble, Slate, Granite and Stone collection

We have a large library allowing the customer to appreciate all the different colours and markings of natural marble, conglomerate marble, slate, granites and natural stone.


THE ELIOT (made by Classic Mantels)
THE FIELDING (made by Classic Mantels)
THE ABLINGTON (made by Farmington Fireplaces)

Farmingtone Stone

A beautiful creamy-coloured natural limestone, formed by nature over millions of years. Its subtle graining and texture gives it a distinction that cannot be copied. Farmington fireplaces add style to any home, and will blend with any décor in any room.


(made by Farmington fireplaces)


Marble and Granite fire surrounds and hearths

A luxury range of quality marble and granite, traditional and modern styles. High quality craftsmanship fire surrounds and hearths.

(made by Change of Style)