Wood burning, multi-fuel and gas stoves

A stove is the most efficient, safest and controllable heating appliance . They can be manufactured in cast iron and steel, various designs, sizes and colours (red, green, ivory, blue, blue black enamels, matt black). These appliances can be fitted even if the property has not got a chimney. A special flue system could be installed, which acts instead of the chimney.

Stoves can be;

Wood burning only

If a customer prefers to burn wood only or lives in a smoke controlled zone then we can offer a wood stove which is catalytic and approved to burn wood in a smokeless zone due to its cleaner emissions and up to 75% efficiency. The burn time is also extended.

We do Vermont Castings, Morso, Stovax, Waterford, Jotul and many more.


THE SHIRE (made by Waterford)
THE WATERFORD 100B (made by Waterford)
OWL CLEANHEAT 3410 (made by Morso)

Multi-fuel stoves

These stoves burn coal and wood. The advantages of burning coal is to achieve longer burning time like over night burning . We do Vermont Castings, Morso, Waterford, Stovax, Hunter, Arrow, All Blacks.

SWAN CLEANHEAT 5010 (made by Morso)
DEFIANT (made by Vermont Castings)
SQUIRREL CONVECTOR 1440 (made by Morso)

Gas stoves in natural gas and LPG

If the customer prefers the convenience of gas then the warmth and living flames can be achieved at the turn of switch. These stoves come with coal effect or log effect gas burners. We also have balanced flue gas stoves for the properties without a chimney. We do Gazco gas stoves, Wonderfire, Morso, Vermont Castings, Jotul etc.

Electric Stoves

We also have electric stoves with random flame effect background in wood or coal effect. They come with simple controls and a thermostat. All the customer needs to do is to simply plug it in a 13 Amp socket. We do Berry and Wonderfire range.


Designer Stoves

Whether your home is a town house or a wharfside loft, a city apartment or a barn conversion on the outside, inside you're creating the ultimate environment for modern living. With light, space and warmth.

(made by Austroflamm)

Available in all nine ceramic colours as well as matt black steel or brushed stainless steel

(made by Austroflamm)

Available in all nine ceramic colours as well as anthracite steel and brushed stainless steel